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So you need…

A sales-savvy writer to connect your business with the world (or with local clients just around the corner)?

A friendly, professional writer who works to your budget and deadlines?
For sure.

A writer who understands your industry with years of experience?
Now you’re talking my language.

You need words that make a difference

And you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Louisa Ennis, Melbourne business writer and website content specialist. As an experienced writer for businesses of all shapes and sizes, I write sparkling sales copy and business communications for clever creatives and enterprising businesses, hard-working construction folks and property professionals.

And what do my clients all have in common?

⊕  Each and every one of you is dedicated to standing out in your field.

⊕  You know, wholeheartedly, you offer something exceptional.

⊕  You’re a dynamic business owner, professional or industry leader. And you know you’re unique.

⊕  You understand the value you offer. And you’re keen to share your products and services with the world.

That’s where I come in.

With a pen full of ink and a bunch of eager fingers hovering over my keyboard, I work with arts, design, property and construction professionals in Melbourne, throughout Australia and around the globe.

I help them achieve market cut-through with genuine, authentic, industry-savvy copy and content.

I can help you too. 

Sharpen your brand messaging, copy and business communications. One project at a time.

Who is Louisa Ennis Business Writer?

Many of my clients are by referral or word of mouth. But just in case you’ve stumbled on me for the first time, I guess you’re wondering, Who is Louisa Ennis?  And, why should she write for me?

With a creative mindset, and a generous dash of business experience, I’ve written for successful creatives, and businesses large and small for over 20 years, the last 4 years as a freelance writer based in Melbourne.

I’m a specialist, not a generalist. I niche in the industries I know best, where I can add the greatest value.

Arts, design, property and construction professionals are my people.  View my portfolio to see how I make them shine.

If you need words for your website or to showcase a project or service, I can help.

‘Working with such a knowledgeable, capable and efficient copywriter as Louisa Ennis is a dream!’

Working with such a knowledgeable, capable and efficient copywriter as Louisa Ennis is a dream!

I’ve engaged her services to assist me with large-scale SEO projects for the real estate industry and her work has been outstanding. With Louisa, you’ll have a reliable, skilful, and switched-on copywriter who will deliver thoroughly researched and well written copy.

Donna Webeck

Director, Prestige Property Copy

If you’re the curious kind [I see you], perhaps you’d like to know a little more.

The foundations my words are built on

Creating effective content and engaging audiences have been on my radar since my teens, writing for Euroka, our high school magazine. From that early publication during my gelati-scooper school days, I’ve waited tables, renovated properties (13 and counting) and been a suit. I’ve marketed Australia to the world. I’ve even taught English in Brazil. (Vie Carnival!)

A Humanities degree gave me a sound foundation in research and critical thinking, and set me on a career path: wide, varied and full of colour. Taking me across Australia and around the world, my years of experience in language, communication and marketing have taught me to be thorough, client-focused and responsive. Skills I apply to my business writing services every day.

Where it all began

With big-picture thinking and an energetic eye for detail, I cut my marketing teeth launching a study tour company in my twenties. Across four states. 5045kms. We were the little guys working with the big guys: JTB, JTA, Nippon Travel, Qantas Holidays and others. #cheekynamedrop

And then, following a bunch of years producing some of my best work (four sons 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦), I found myself working in the arts at Cairns Regional Gallery; with artist collectives and fascinating projects, as a creative, arts writer and public programs facilitator.

My work is underpinned by a life of learning and professional development with an RMIT Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing (for Business) sharpening my skills across traditional and digital media in 2017. I’m also a graduate of the much-respected Recipe for SEO Success course and an active member of the Clever Copywriting Community.

OK, enough about me. Let’s talk about you. And your business writing needs.

More than just street cred

‘…such an exemplary standard [no changes were needed]

I had the absolute pleasure of engaging Louisa to help write some words for one of my favourite residential building clients. Louisa brought her knowledge and understanding of the industry to create work that was inviting to read, telling the wonderful story behind the build in the different formats needed.

Not only did Louisa deliver on time, but it was to such an exemplary standard that neither the client nor myself made any changes to the original draft.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Louisa and can’t wait to work with her again.

Estelle Fallon

Director, Words That Fit

Ready to inject a spark into your business writing and communications?

If you need a Melbourne business writer to give your property, construction or creative enterprise a voice, my hands-on business experience, industry knowledge and creative mindset could be a great fit.